Tuesday, August 23, 2011

T minus 18 days- Preventing Camping


Preventing camping is one of the biggest concerns when making any kind of action game. For gameplay to be interesting, it must be varied. Nothing kills variation like this:

Most of the changes I've made in the last couple days directly counter camping.

First, the world now loops on itself. This is the most significant change in the game from the last few weeks-- and it surprises me how long it took me to realize this change was needed. With a world that loops over itself, there is no need for walls. Without walls, there is no 'safe' ground. Before, you could put your back to a wall and only deal with zombies that came from the other side. Without walls, the level is 'open'-- an enemy can get you no matter where you are.

Second, enemies that have been knocked down will immediately get up if you hit the ground beneath them again. This change simply forces the player to attack from different (if only slightly different) locations. If the player continues to attack one spot, he will lose the enemies he's already knocked down.

Third, the addition of the werewolf (this is actually an old change). The first time you attack a werewolf, it doesn't get knocked down-- it gets faster, forcing the player to chase after it or anticipate it's movement. It is impossible to kill a werewolf by staying in one spot.

Fourth, the addition of the creepy twins. The creepy twins are two girls that mirror each other's movements. When one turns around, the other turns too. When one is knocked down, the other is knocked down too. However, if one is killed, it doesn't die permanently unless you also kill the other. This, like the werewolf, forces the player to significantly move after knocking down the enemy.

  • Finished werewolf and creepy twins
  • Fixed parallax layers
  • Added lives to each session
  • Worked on bear
  • Small changes regarding platform bumps

And, today's video:

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